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Areas of responsibility are areas of service at Remedy.  Being responsible for an area means thinking and helping that area flourish at Remedy. The names of those who have taken responsibility for this area are listed in the area description.  If you would be interested in helping in any area, please let us know.  We will certainly welcome help.  


Area of responsibility remedies

  • Worship - Honza Bašta

    • Make sure that he knows who will play on Sunday and what will be played during the praises and prepare everything at least a few days in advance.

  • Sermon schedule - Honza Bašta

    • Make sure there is always someone on Sunday to share and have a sharing calendar at least 2 months in advance. To pray and, together with the rest of the leadership, give direction and purpose to the Sunday sharing.

  • Member care - Jirka Janata and Honza Bašta

    • Making sure no one is left behind and encouraging human connection, engaging people in service, or connecting them with someone who can serve them. Or serve them directly if there is no such person.

  • Remedy Sunday - Jirka Janata

    • Make sure everything that is needed is taken care of. This is for whoever has this responsibility to arrange for someone to preach/share, Bible study, setup, clean up and entertain.

  • Preparation, cleaning and catering schedule - Jirka Janata

    • Find out who is willing to help, prepare a calendar and remind those whose turn it is.

  • Introduction, leadership and announcements in Remedy on Sunday - Tomáš Popek

    • Find out what needs to be announced and directly take care of the Sunday meetings.

  • Finance - Tomas Popek

    • Making sure that everything around the finances is working properly. So that the money in the till is counted and deposited into the account. Write records of income and expenses.

  • Legal matters - Tomas Popek

    • Making sure Remedy works properly legally. I think it will mainly be about founding an association and occasional communication with accountants.

  • PowerPoint   - Tomas Mojzis

    • Make sure the Sunday presentations are ready, including announcements.

  • Harmony - Tomas Mojzis, Jirka Janata, Tomáš Popek, Zuzka Žaludová

    • Making sure the songs (or whatever) are ready for Sunday praises and that the program is always working properly.

  • Website - Tomas Mojzis, Honza Soběslav, Zuzka Žaludová

    • Making sure that the website is set up correctly and that everything works as it should. Take care of the changes that would be needed and that the events are properly added.

  • Zoom - Tomas Mojzis

    • So that everything works as it should on Sunday. Both video and audio. To save the recordings so that they are available to logged in members over the Internet.

  • Evangelization - Tomas Mojzis, Jirka Janata

    • To see to it that they are actively looking for ways that the people at Remedy can help those around them to know Christ, both on a congregational level and personally.

  • Departures - Petr Hlavička

    • Making sure that we always find the most adequate place for outings and communicating the details with the property owners. Put together a price offer and ensure the course of the trip and the involvement of others.

  • Children - Whitney McMunn, Veronika Hlavička

    • Ensure that everything necessary is ready for the children's program and involve others at Remedy in the children's program.

  • Prayers - Jirka Ruzicka

    • Actively seek ways to help people in Remedy pray together and individually.

  • Remedy supplies - Katka and Jana

    • Make sure that Remedy does not lack anything that is needed, such as teas, coffee, toilet paper, towels, cleaning products.

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